Драйвер gma 945 7

драйвер gma 945 7

Memory controller can now address maximum 384 MB memory according to white paper, but only 256 MB in datasheet. The original architecture of GMA systems supported only a few functions in hardware, and relied on the host CPU to handle at least some of the graphics pipeline, further decreasing performance. G35 is also supported by the Linux driver. The X3100 display unit includes a 300 MHz RAMDAC, two 25—112 MHz LVDS transmitters, 2 DVO encoders, and a TV encoder. The and parts would be free software, but the 3D component using will still be proprietary.It has pixel and vertex shaders which only support Shader Model 2. It is a 4 pixel per clock cycle design supporting DirectX 9 pixel 2.

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Under Windows, the driver supports DirectX 10. The GMA X3000's underlying 3D rendering hardware is organized as a unified shader processor consisting of 8 execution units. Most of the reviews about this IGP were negative, since many games such as or need Pixel Shader 2.

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